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    The People's Plan for Glasgow is a collaboration of groups,organisations, campaigns and individuals to co-create an alternative plan for people and the city. It is a humanifesto which rejects the market based, corporate perspective that has failed to offer many citizens wellbeing in any form. The plan will build on the amazing work many groups are already doing in areas like housing, migrant justice, transport, planning, equality for all, sustainability, health and economy. The aim is to hold conversations in communities all over the city, in all sorts of forums. By the end of this year we'll have a strong alternative platform and ideas for a revitalised local democracy to carry it through.

    About the People's Plan


    Get Glasgow Moving AGM with UN special rapporteur Philip Alston 

    Not part of People’s Plan week but crucial if you care about transport. 

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    Economic alternatives for local councils 

    12.00 to 1.30pm

    Economics commentator Andy Anderson will challenge the idea that councils cannot choose different financial approaches to the neo-liberal, market driven policies that have dominated recent decades Click to join zoom


    “We make Glasgow too”: speaking up for housing justice and migrant rights


    hosted by Ubuntu Womxn Shelter and Glasgow Common Weal. Presentations about the current problems with rented housing and how the migrant population have been affected particularly badly and what needs to be done to ensure quality homes and fair rents. Click for more information


    Planning Another Glasgow


    hosted by Another Glasgow is Possible. Introduction to A People's Plan by Mark Langdon of SANE followed by discussion. An oopportunity to say what sort of Glasgow you want and can plan towards. Click for more information



    Looking at climate through the prism of the food system

    12.30pm – 2.00pm

    Bring your lunch. Presentation on food and climate by Barry Dalgliesh, Sane Collective. Judy Wilkinson from Glasgow Allotments Forum; Jenny MacGillivray, Director for Propagate. Click to join zoom


    Mapping the city with the Govan Lens


    This session will be an online exhibition of James Holloway's  project entitled Govan through a social lens, and followed by a Q&A. "Through the iris of Glass and emotion, an alternative to mapping communities and the built environment using photography." Click to join zoom



    Bringing it all together

    Hosts will feed back from their sessions and together we'll talk about what do do next. Everyone who has attended a session is welcome to join in. Click to join zoom


    A fairer, sustainable planning system in Glasgow


    Hosted by Fair Planning Glasgow. Developers have a loud voice in planning decisions and land seems to be quite simply "up for grabs". How can we get a system where communities can decide what happens in their area. Click to join zoom


    What’s the idea of the People’s Plan for Glasgow

    6.30pm – 7.30pm

    introduction hosted by The SANE Collective

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    The Fair Trade City of the Future


    Hosted by SANE with speakers Mark Langden, James Lister. Fair Trade equals decency and global sustainability. Glasgow claims to be a Fair Trade City – but how can we do more now? What will the Fair Trade City of the future look like? Click to join zoom


    Invisible women – hidden lives

    4pm – 5.30pm

    hosted by Popular Education Network. Panel discussion on the impact of omitting women’s experience from policy and strategy, how this can be overcome and and then invite participants to identify what would improve the situation and contribute these ideas to the People’s Plan for Glasgow.  Click to sign up



    If not now? Putting the safety and rights of women at the heart of the city


    The White Ribbon Movement works with men and boys to challenge culture and behaviour that leads to abuse or violence against women. Glasgow members working with women's right groups are discussing how we create a society where women and children are safe from violence perpetrated by men, a City where women are safe in their streets, homes and workplaces. Click to join zoom


    Democracy and the City – a future vision

    4.00pm to 5.30pm

    hosted by Common Weal. Craig Dalzell on alternative local democracies, questions and discussion; short introduction to a new Radical Municipalism course being launched by SANE and PEN.  Click to join zoom


    Conversations for Change - Family Friendly Session

    3.30pm – 4.30pm
    Hosted by two members of the Glasgow Home Education Network. Please join us for a relaxed and creative workshop for all the family. In our hour together, we will be thinking about the best of Glasgow and what could make it EVEN BETTER - thinking caps on! Please bring along pens and paper and your imagination. p.s. it might be a noisy session, but we will make sure we can all be heard. Click to join zoom

    For more information about a people's plan for glasgow email